Peer Educators

HIV and AIDS Workplace Program (Peer Education)

The LifeLine Ekurhuleni Peer Educator Development Program focuses on promoting and sustaining risk- reduction behaviour changes in employees and their families and thereby reducing their risk and vulnerability to HIV. This programme ensures that the peer educators understand what the epidemic will have on the individual, organisation, the family and community in which they operate.

LifeLine’s HIV & AIDS in the workplace program trains peer educators to:

  • Reduce perceived barriers through assurance, correcting information and showing support.
  • Set good examples by promoting safe responsible behaviour and be a role models to others colleagues.
  • Invite and involve peers in problem solving.
  • Peer educators have an important effect on the behaviour of their colleagues through influencing attitudes and
  • Behaviour is motivated through expectations of respected peer educators.
  • Our peer educator-training programme focuses on the four primary guidelines of information, motivation, skills and referral to sources.

Lifeline Ekurhuleni believes in the open exchange of information and creating social awareness in our communities.

With the expansion of the organisation (establishment of satellite service points), community Peer Educators were trained to conduct Awareness talks in the different communities. Topics range from HIV & Aids, Stress, Peer Pressure, communication and listening skills, Emotional Wellness, anger and conflict management, suicide, self-injuring behaviour, and any other topic on request.

These Awareness campaigns are conducted at local High schools, prisons, community halls, clinics, NGO’s, churches and to corporate companies at their request.


Corporate Employee Wellbeing Programme (EWP):

HIV/AIDS package:

  • A comprehensive package to assist companies address the issues of HIV/AIDS in the workplace has been designed and includes:
  • Drafting of an HIV/AIDS policy
  • Awareness training for company staff
  • Pre- and Post-Test Counselling
  • Testing
  • Training, supervision and mentoring of elected staff representatives as peer educators
  • Training of executive management

Companies have the option to only select individual activities or the complete package of services.

Employee Wellness Programme:

The Employee Wellness Programme is a flexible suite of counselling and advisory services. The suite of Employee Wellness Programme services includes the following:

  • Crisis and support telephonic counselling service – this service is extended to the employees’ families as well.
  • Face-to-Face counselling services– this service is extended to the employees’ families as well.
  • Referral Services to appropriate external resources
  • Trauma Debriefing and support
  • Education and Awareness talks
  • Manager support service

Quarterly supervision, to coincide with quarterly wellness meetings
Please contact our Benoni office if you are interested in any of the training products.

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